On Sunday, July 16th, four of San Diego’s most talented pastry chefs joined forces at You & Yours for a Pop-Up Doughnut Shop organized by Bake Me Some Love. Each chef brought two different signature doughnuts, including options made with fresh-picked berries generously donated by Stehly Farms Organics.

Participating chefs included Ashley Papa (Bottega Americano), Paula Alvarez (Devil’s Dozen), Kristianna Zabala (Nomad Donuts), and Jessica Scott (Puesto).


In a bid to make the event even more delicious, the team at You & Yours supplied two tasty cocktails shaken with their premium, distilled-on-site spirits and Stehly Farms berries.

bake-me-some-love-doughnut-eventAttendees filled their boxes with deep-fried delights in support of Humane Smarts, a nonprofit organization that promotes life skills and self-esteem through programs in photography and other arts, gardening, and academic enrichment at SMARTS Farm in downtown San Diego’s East Village. bake-me-some-love-doughnut-event
For some, the decision-making was made difficult by the fact that every single doughnut looked tempting! Here’s a closer look at all of the tasty and inventive options that were donated by the participating chefs:

Pastry Chef Ashley Papa (Bottega Americano) loves doughnuts, and those warm, fuzzy feelings were on full display with her two offerings: Lemon Curd Strawberry Jam & Ube Haupia White Chocolate. The strawberry-topped doughnut was a real people pleaser (and the first variety to sell out).

bake-me-some-love-doughnut-event-devils-dozenThe team from Devil’s Dozen brought two fruity flavors featuring seasonal berries: Mango Michelada and Blackberry Rosemary Old Fashioned. Sprinkling Tajin on the mango doughnut was a smart move that delivered a spicy, salty finish (and helped keep sugar overload at bay). The old fashioned doughnut was a perfect pick for those looking for a rich doughnut with a crisp exterior and crumbly, cake-like interior studded with juicy blackberries.bake-me-some-love-doughnut-event-nomad-donutsNomad Donuts supplied two of the most creative entries: Blackberry Mojito Meringue and “Caprese” doughnuts. The Blackberry Mojito Meringue featured a bright and zesty lime and mint glaze that contrasted beautifully with the jammy blackberry filling and fluffy torched marshmallow topping.


Nomad’s “Caprese” doughnut raised a lot of eyebrows. The one-of-a-kind, sweet-meets-savory invention was filled with strawberry-tomato jam and topped with smoked mozzarella crumble, balsamic reduction, and basil glaze.

It was Jessica Scott’s first time making doughnuts, but you wouldn’t know it! The executive pastry chef for Puesto dreamed up two delightful deep-fried treats and executed them perfectly. The deceptively light and airy Cardamom-Rose French Crullers (pictured above) were dipped in a rich chocolate glaze and topped with a doughnut hole shaped like a rose.

For her second doughnut, Jessica made a Mexican Chocolate Latte cake doughnut crowned with chocolate frosting and chocolate curls. These soft and fudgy doughnuts delivered a huge flavor pay-off (and a serious coffee kick!)

Attendees sipped craft cocktails shaken with You & Yours vodka and gin and fresh-picked berries donated by Stehly Farms Organics. Options included Oh That’s My Jam (Sunday gin with Stehly Farms strawberries, housemade jam, lemon, and basil),  Daddy Don’t Make Dinner (Y & Y vodka, Stehly Farms blackberries, honey, lemon, and Topo Chico), and a refreshing Sunshine Berry Lemonade with Stehly Farms blackberries and strawberries.


Thank you!

Host: You & Yours
Berries: Stehly Farms Organics
Participating chefs: Jessica Scott, Puesto; Kristianna Zabala, Nomad Donuts; Ashley Papa, Bottega Americano; Paula Alvarez, Devil’s Dozen Doughnut Shop
Attendees: Thanks also to everyone who came out to eat doughnuts and enjoy a cocktail for a great cause. Let’s do it again! In the meantime, follow Bake Me Some Love on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop about future events.