As much as I love a 99 cent taco off a food truck, the best place to munch on mariscos is in Baja. There are a few tasty options right across the border, in Tijuana, and lots more about an hour south, in Ensenada. I spent 48 hours feasting on fish tacos and tostadas, ranging from deep-fried filets of shark covered in crema, salsa, and slaw, to fresh octopus ceviche. Check out all of my top picks on Serious Eats.

Ensenada Fish Taco

Finally, there’s another spot to score pizza by the slice in Little Italy. Napizza specializes in Roman-style pizza, made with dough that’s proofed for a full 72 hours before being baked for over 30 minutes. They’ve got the standard pepperoni and margherita, plus more inspired options like pizza topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and capers… but so far, my favorite slice is the Bapo.

Bapo slice from Napizza

When I’m setting out to review a burger, my mental checklist is as follows: camera, memory card (crucial!), and a back-up battery. Other things, like my ID, sometimes get left behind. That’s exactly what happened on my last review, at Starlite. Luckily, the manager was more than understanding and ushered me in anyway. It’s a good thing, because I had gone too long without sharing the good news about their Brandt beef burgers and kick-ass mules.