As a former new kid in town, I have an enduring soft spot for tourists and convention goers, who all seem to face the same dilemma: where to eat lunch in the Gaslamp Quarter. I’m always on the lookout for a worthy burger, and hoped to find another option to steer the hungry masses towards at Saltbox. $16 later, it was not to be.

After my review was posted on AHT, Executive Chef Simon Dolinsky apologized for the blunder, explaining that on the day of my visit, the grinder was on the fritz and he had to use pre-ground beef instead. Knowing this, it’s fair to assume that what I reviewed was a worst-case scenario burger and one crafted from beef ground in house would be better, since so many elements of the burger (besides the beef) went very right. Whether or not you want to take that gamble is up to you.

burger from Saltbox in San Diego