Finally, there’s another spot to score pizza by the slice in Little Italy. Napizza specializes in Roman-style pizza, made with dough that’s proofed for a full 72 hours before being baked for over 30 minutes. They’ve got the standard pepperoni and margherita, plus more inspired options like pizza topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and capers… but so far, my favorite slice is the Bapo.

Bapo slice from Napizza

At Richtree, you can get anything from roast chicken to a fruit and yogurt parfait, all prepared fresh… but after having tried everything at least once, it’s the focaccia pizza that I keep coming back for. Sheets of pizza are baked in pans, then cut into wide, triangular slices. For the most part, Richtree’s spin on pizza is not too different than traditional pies, except when it comes to the crust.


It’s strange that San Diego’s Little Italy only has one slice joint, but at least the only option for pizza by the slice is one of the best in the city. I’m partial to the white pies, like the Dante, with mozzarella, Romano, and buttery ricotta, and the De Medeci, a slightly more savory option. Read more about it on Serious Eats.

De Medeci slice at Landini's Pizzeria in San Diego

Sometimes, when I write for more esteemed publications (and not just my own blog), I’m forced to whittle down my excitement about food, which translates to keeping my gushing to a minimum and trying not to sound too crazed. Most of the time, that’s not too difficult, but making sure I didn’t sound like a pre-teen squealing over the Biebs was harder when it came to the fried egg sandwich at The Grant Grill. I’ll just say this: I am very glad that I ate this sandwich with no witnesses, because it probably looked like I was making out with it. In the article text, I say that the Grant Grill treatment may be the best thing that’s ever happened to an egg sandwich, but this sandwich is also one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Read all about it, and two other notable egg dishes in the April issue of San Diego Magazine.

Fried Egg Sandwich from The Grant Grill in downtown San Diego

Just about every Friday night for the past three months, I’ve made an important call. The conversation always includes three key words: whitestone with pepperoni. It’s Bronx Pizza’s best creation, and if you’re not in the market for a whole pie, you can always get 2 slices for a mere $6. Read more about one of my all-time favorite eats in SD on San Diego Magazine.

Pizza slices from Bronx Pizza in San Diego