So many people dismiss San Diego as a town that’s not serious about pizza. I beg to differ. Sure, we’re no New York, but there’s plenty of pizza worth shelling out for. Here are my favorite spots.

1. Bronx Pizza

If you follow me on Twitter, chances are, you’re going to see the words “Bronx Pizza” come up a lot. At this point, I think it would be more convenient to have a portion of my paycheck directly deposited into a pizza tab at this long-standing pie maker in Hillcrest. The whitestone (ideally with pepperoni) is one of my all-time favorite meals. The only bummer: they don’t deliver, but if you call ahead, they’ll have your pie ready in 20 minutes.

2. Pizzeria Bruno

Get an awesome Naples-style pie at Pizzeria Bruno, in North Park, made by a certified Pizzaiolo. The Margherita is always good, or try the Lasagne, with tomato sauce, ricotta, and prosciutto. Spice lovers should keep the bottle of chili oil nearby at all times. Drizzle a little right on the pie and pool a little bit on a plate to dredge the last bits of crust through. Take-out is available, but not delivery.

3. Sicilian Thing

They make a mean New York-style pizza, but the Sicilian is where the real money is. Make sure to lay claim to a corner piece and if you’re dining in, ask for the “special fork”. I’m a big fan of the Meatda pie, with pepperoni, meatball, and mild Italian sausage. Sicilian Thing is located in North Park and offers delivery to the surrounding area.

4. Landini’s

Landini’s in Little Italy is a good spot for a Sicilian slice, or a “Dante”, a white pie with fluffy gobs of sweet and buttery ricotta, mozz, and Romano cheese. $6 gets you two slices and a drink, or upgrade to a beer for a few bucks more. The best seats in the house are on the patio out back. The third Landini’s location recently opened in Horton Plaza. There’s also a location in Little Italy and Tijuana. Delivery is available.

5. Pizzeria Luigi’s

A simple slice shop where the goods are great. Six bucks gets you two slices and a drink. Try the ricotta pepperoni, which also has pineapple and jalapeno. There are two locations (North Park and Golden Hill), both of which offer delivery.

6. Blind Lady Ale House

BLAH’s thin-crust pies topped with fresh, seasonal veggies and top-quality meats are excellent…as is the selection of craft beer on direct-draw draught. I’m partial to the bianca al prosciutto, but the bacon and egg is a close second. Located in Normal Heights.

4 Responses to “Where to Get the Best Pizza in San Diego”

  1. Rodzilla on March 4, 2012

    I really wasn’t blown away by Bronx, but I agree with you that SD pizza is way overlooked. I’ll have to hit up some of your other spots

  2. Erin Jackson on March 6, 2012

    I’ve had some iffy slices at Bronx when I dined in. Your best bet is to get a fresh, whole pie, and take it home. Pop it under the broiler for a few minutes and it’s good as new.

  3. Derrick on April 15, 2012

    knockout pizza in mira mesa is good. Worth checking out for a NY style pizza.

  4. Scott A on April 27, 2012

    I have enjoyed all your contributions over at Serious Eats Erin. Glad you made this site…..bookmarked.

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