Who are you?

EJ Eats | Erin JacksonI’m Erin Jackson, hence the “EJ”, though some people call me “Jackson” or “Jax”. I’m a writer, I’m obsessed with food, and I love taking photos. Since moving to San Diego, I’ve done a ton of food writing for Serious Eats, a James Beard award-winning national food blog with 20 million unique visitors a month. I’m also the city editor for Dining Out San Diego, and a contributor to San Diego Magazine. Burgers are a major passion. I’ve reviewed well over 150 burgers for Serious Eats, including everywhere from Toronto (my hometown!) to Tijuana.

I live to eat. A truly great dish can send bolts of electricity down my legs and give me goosebumps, and more than once, a dark chocolate dessert has made my back teeth tingle. Food is an emotional (and sometimes serious) subject, but I don’t consider myself a critic. My main motivation is simple: to share all of my delicious new discoveries.

Oh, so you’re a foodie.

Please, no. I’m not focused on trends, obsessed with following celebrity chefs, or flush with the kind of disposable income that’s required to be a food groupie, which is how I see the term. I’m much more comfortable with “eater” or “enthusiastic eater” if you need a modifier. You’re much more likely to find me happily chair-dancing while mowing down on a burger than carving into a pricey plate of foie gras. Don’t get me wrong: some of my favorite meals have been at fine dining restaurants, but I’m equally likely to find poetry in the perfect slice of pizza.

Wow, you eat a lot. How do you stay in shape?

I get this question often, and while my favorite response is “I have a tapeworm”, the truth is much more simple: frequent workouts set to 90s punk rock… and lots of vegetables.

You sound awesome, let’s be friends.

I’m always eager to hear from readers. If you’re interested in reaching me, head over to my contact page.

One final note:

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