For the Summer/Fall issue of Dining Out, I made it my mission to track down five of the best salads in San Diego. From a Mexican take on an Italian standard to a fruit-forward salad ringed with grilled pear slices, they’re all delicious and reasonably good for you. If you’re looking to get more leafy greens in your life, take a look at all of my top picks.

Best salads in San Diego - Blind Burro

It starts differently each time, but always ends the same. I’m in Toronto, or Vancouver, or Montreal. People around me are immersed in conversation, but to my ears, it’s muted. Words are indistinct murmurs that I don’t even strain to hear. My focus has narrowed to one startling realization: I’m in Canada. That can only mean one thing: Timbits. Timbits immediately. Timbits forever.